Last year, my world looked quite non-aerodynamically. It’s a weird feeling, if I take a look back at that time. It was an exciting way to gain the knowledge I have today. Here, I would like to share my first insights with you.

As a warning to all professionals and sporting aces: my experiences and thoughts will probably amuse you.

I, for my part, had a lot of fun so far. I’ve known for several years that power measuring is THE thing – what is there to measure, if not watts? To structure your training and control physical parameters with a chest strep, a scale or simply by listening to your body? That’s quite a romantic-minimalistic concept – and it will probably not help me when facing 180km on my bike. Up to last year, my measuring equipment consisted of a smart phone combined with a chest strap and sometimes I even got down to measuring my weight. OK, better not talk more about it.

Everything changed towards the end of last year. The decision to race Ironman Frankfurt 2017  and to become part of the AEROTUNE Team have been an eye opener for me. But what happens if you motivation and willingness are high and the set goal is getting closer and closer – right, you start spending money.

First, I bought a watch, so I no longer had to carry my phone with me:

To enable my bicycle to communicate with mentioned watch and me, Santa brought me an appropriate cycling power meter.

For a moment, it was quite a lot at once. I didn’t know the parameters that were measured by such instruments and I had no idea of how to use them for my training. In other words – such an impulse purchase on its own is useless; you should know what you want to achieve with it.

In triathlon, a lot of people, at least when it comes down to cycling, are usually talking about one thing: power measurement. I wanted to have a say, too. I set up all the devices and started to record my watt numbers. (My Garmin Connect username is: aeroSEB – for those who want to connect me)

After all, I meanwhile know with how much power I can cycle quite easily for a few hours, how I have to perform in intervals to improve my performance and with how much maximal power I can perform.

I know to some of you this may still sound casual. At this point, I would like to recommend a German book to you: “Wattmessung im Radsport und Triathlon”. Each week, I read a few pages to gain more knowledge. Honestly, this whole sport is a bottomless pit, but that is what makes the fascination of triathlon and cycling.

Train-on! Seb