Now, you have an affordable, straightforward and valid way to determine your aerodynamic values using the aeroTEST.

You have the chance to find out how your cycling seating position and your material affect your individual aerodynamics. By comparing their aerodynamic values, ​​you find out how they effect your possible finishing time in a competition.

Our aeroTEST is now available for you at the service section of our website. Here you will find all the information you need to successfully complete the aeroTEST.


It’s quite simple:

  1. Before the test, you decide which material or which seating position you would like to test.
  2. You find a suitable test road.
  3. You carry out the aeroTEST using our test guide.
  4. You upload your data to our website.
  5. You receive an analysis of your aerodynamic values (wind resistance CDA and rolling resistance CRR).


This allows you to compare the aerodynamic effects of various test set-ups and helps you to find out how to save racing time easily. For this purpose, you will get a prediction of a finishing time for an example competition.

Use your chance to get more aerodynamic and thereby faster. Now.

We look forward to your feedback – please feel free to contact us at any time.