Last week, we had the first real life trial for our aeroTEST. We’re happy to report: it was passed with flying colors.

As we have already spent many hours with internal tests or tests with friends and sport mates, now, it was time to take the next step and offer our aeroTEST to externals. Up here in the north, we know each other quite well and therefore asked Lars Levsen, triathlon coach from Flensburg, to come along with some of his athletes to test their aerodynamic with us.

We chose a suitable test route at Flensburg Fjord. It was a day in best spring weather – ok, maybe it was a bit cold to wear aero-suits, but sometimes you have to set priorities.

After a brief introduction to the test procedure, the aeroTESTs could begin. We got the test material out ready, technical instruments were checked for their full functionality and the muscles got warmed up during a bit of cycling along the water front. The athletes were then busy going up and down the test route; always keeping in mind that they had to keep the power performance as constant as possible.

In our provisional test evaluation office – Sebastian’s car – the GPS data were readout directly from our CEO personally. The athletes received immediate feedback on their cda values of each test. One after another, they were able to exchange individual components of their driving system and analyze the respective aerodynamic effects. The most popular were helmet and wheel rim tests.

Niels got along with cycling up and down without changing his test set-up. Thus, we were able to have reference data and check if the slightly increasing wind had any effect on the measured values. We were pleased to find out that his cda value remained constant at 0,26 m2.

At the end of the test day, our aeroTESTers had quite tired legs, but therefore, they have gained a lot of aerodynamic knowledge about themselves and their equipment.

During the next few days, we will upload a short clip of the tests.

We are looking forward to repeat the tests in warmer temperatures and will keep on working on the athlete’s aerodynamic for the upcoming triathlon season.

We’ll keep you up to date with the happenings at Aerotune.