Today we had to get our hands a little bit dirty. For some timetrial bikes there are different stem options available and in today’s post we want to show you with a Focus Izalco Chrono Max which effects these might have on your bike. The Focus has the possibility to use the standard Triathlonstem and the Timetrialstem. When Using the Triathlonstem you can adjust the height with spacerplates to raise or lower your complete set of handlebars and/or spacers to adjust the height of the aerobar extensions. However, this is limited to only spacers when using the Timetrialstem, which levels out with the frame of the bike. We will have a look at four different setups, while Setup 1 ans 2 use the Triathlonstem and Setup 3 and 4 the Timetrialstem. Setup 2 and 4 our identical from the height of the Armpads. We want to show you with this test how important the resulting streamline out of your individual position and bike setup is. With Setup 1 we used the spacerplates to raise the armpads a little, while Setup 2 was the standard setup provided by the Bikefitter and as already mentioned only different to Setup 4 in regards to the distance between the basebar and aerobar extensions. Setup 3 was a very aggressive position with a large drop between saddle and handlebars. For our calculations we used Challenge Roth with 240w.

In the table below you can see the results of each setup.
stem options
While there was only a time saving of a little over a minute between Setup 1 and 2 the change to the Timetrialstem saved theoretically almost 13 minutes. Theoretically, because the position was manageable during the 1km segments of our aeroTEST, but most likely not achievable over 180km. The importance is the difference of the two biomechanically identical Setups 2 and 4 of 5 min and 29 sec.

Here you can see the Setups 2, 3 and 4.

Your take away: Today we had to put some money in our hands. Our investment for the stem and spacers was app. 300 € and therefore 1 min of time savings cost app. 60 €, which is in our opinion a reasonable investment to save some valuable minutes. The only way to find out what is the best variation for you is to go out and test it. With the Focus Izalco Chrono Max it definetely worked. You don’t always have to change the stem, for example if you have a Canyon Speedmax or Scott Plasma with integrated aerobottles, just test them without it. So what are you waiting for, get on your bike and test. Stay aero!!!