On May, 31th, we were at the time trial race of the “Tour de Flatz” in Schwesing, taking place at the army airport. Manni and his team put together a great even, once again. With 69 participants from all over North Germany, the starting field was large and strong.

In cold and windy weather conditions, the starters took off at 20 seconds intervals. 5 rounds, each 5.6 km, had to be raced on a very flat and beautiful asphalted racecourse. From the aeroCREW, Niels and Sebastian participated, as well as some of our aeroTESTers. They all wanted to convert their tested set-ups into pure speed. With two top finishing positions, Sebastian and Niels performed very well in the strong field. The results can be found here.

Congratulations to all starters and their strong performances!

If you would like to check your aero position and new equipment until the next time trial on 21.06.2017, please contact us at info@aerotune.com or give us a call +49 (0) 461 57498616.

Otherwise, on 09.06.2017, we organize an aeroTEST Day where you can experience our aeroTEST live on site.