After we’ve showed you some of the aero innovations and the latest streamlined products from Eurobike on Wednesday, we want to show you even more today.

What are the general trends in cycling? Who is trying to break new ground and improve standardized products with new technologies? What could tomorrow’s bike look like and which gadgets have the potential to catch on?

As the central trend in cycling continues to evolve towards the development and optimization of e-bikes, we’ve also seen more and more off-road bikes that allow riders to enjoy off-road driving. Of course, we put our focus on sports cycling and noticed that the topic of aerodynamics was omnipresent. We have seen many road bikes and tri-bikes that have taken up the issue of susceptibility to wind in a variety of ways: streamlined frames and fork structures and the widest possible integration of cables into the stem and the handlebars. This not only improves aerodynamics, but also adds to a “clean look” of the bikes. We’ve also seen more and more disc brakes on sport bikes and since the UCI announced last month that disc brakes are allowed to be used in races from July 1st onwards, it is likely that even higher growth will soon show up in this area.

What kind of bike will you be using on the roads next season?