After a competition is before a competition – professional triathlete Kathi Wolff has long recognized this basic rule of triathlon and just like she is constantly working on her physical form, she also works on and trains her aerodynamics.

Some weeks ago, the triathlon magazine Tritime has already reported about Kathi’s first experience with the aeroTEST. It had been shown that e.g. if Kathi has a bottle behind her saddle, this leads to a temporal advantage for her. On that day, Kathi reached her best cda value at a number of 0.236 m2 (aeroscore 23.6).

Last weekend, Kathi was on the road again to find out about aerodynamic effects of small changes to her steering position. Thus, she reached an improvement of her cda value to 0.224 m2 (aeroscore 22.4) which corresponds to a temporal improvement of 5 minutes; based on the bike course of the Challenge Heilbronn.

Watch a video of Kathi Wolff while aeroTESTing.

Even the smallest position changes on handlebars or extensions can have a beneficial effect on aerodynamics. However, it must be noted that the muscular apparatus first needs to get used to new positions. Therefore, we do not recommend to make changes to the position just before an important competition, but instead do the same as Kathi: first successfully compete in a competition and then optimize and train “aerodynamically” in time for the next one.