Today we want to show you how to evaluate your aeroTEST using the aeroDATA and how to edit your setups after testing with our aeroAPP. The first step is to log in to the aeroDATA and choose the aeroTEST.

After choosing aeroTEST from the main menu you will be directed to the testsuit menu. Your first option is to choose your bike type (Timetrial, Roadbike or Mountainbike).

The WEATHER DATA and ADDITIONAL OPTIONS menu allows you to edit your actual weather data and if applicable you could correct your powermeter data, if there is a calibration error. If you use the aeroAPP the weather data will be imported automatically.

Setup 0 is your calibration test. In this Setup you will upload one fit-file with your first testrun. You can upload the file via the CHOOSE FILE button.

We will show you how to add additional Setups at the end of this tutorial. Our aeroDATA has a fit-file cutter app. This makes it easier for you, since you only have to upload one fit-file with all your testruns in one fit-file and the single test files will be created automatically.

Every setup has four submenus: Athlete, Position, Frame and Wheels. If you create a new Setup, the last data you entered will be copied and used as initial value for the new setup. The same procedure applies for using the aeroAPP.

Let’s have a look at the submenus.

On this page you can see all the athlete related data.

Your system weight is composed of rider, apparel, bike and bikeparts. Clothes and Helmet are drop down menus. We already have a good data stock in our portfolio, however if you cannot find your equipment, you can always add new material.


The next menu is Position:

Here you are able to edit your bike position details so you can access these at anytime and anyplace. Subpoints 4-7 directly influence your aerodynamics, so if you change these during a test, it is important to edit these values to be able to recall it at a certain point in time.


You can edit your bike details in the submenu Frame. All features here are drop down menus. If you cannot find your equipment you can manually add it here as well.


The last menu is related to your wheels.

The left side of the menu is dynamic. Our recommendation is only to work with the tire pressure until you gain more experience with our aeroTEST. The next software update will incorporate an automatic calculation of your rolling resistance.

On the right side you will find drop down menus again.

It is very important that you save your changes before adding an additional file or creating a new Setup. You can do this via the SAVE button.

By pressing the ADD SETUP button you will add a new setup and can start the procedure again. In this new setup you will only have to edit your changes.


Our calculation is based on your choice in aeroCAST and shown as savings in time. As a Freemium member you can choose between three given routes. Premium members can add aditional routes and have acccess to the entire portfolio on the aeroDATA. If you use the aeroAPP it will always show you the time advantage in minutes. The standard value is Challenge Roth.

Have you completed all steps and have saved your data after every step, you can press the START CALCULATION button and receive your results. Premium members have the possibility to download their data as PDF or XLS files, additionally.

So now go out and test. Stay aero!