How to prepare myself for an aeroTEST.

Part 1: Preparation

  • You are already registered on aeroDATA. The aeroDATA is your first step to unleash your aerodynamics.
  • You have a Powermeter, GPS-Sensor and highly recommended a Speedsensor. Your Powermeter and Speedsensor are already calibrated.
  • You planned your test and prepared a test protocol.
  • You already have a testroute, or have chosen one from the aeroDATA in your vicinity.

The following steps are only necessary if you will test with our aeroAPP:

  • You have downloaded the aeroAPP from the Garmin IQ store and installed the App on your Garmin Edge device.
  • You have a Smartphone which is connected to your Garmin device and you already logged yourself into the aeroAPP with your aeroDATA credentials.
  • As a Freemium member you can only conduct two Setups. If you want to do more than two Setups, this would be a good opportunity to upgrade your membership to Premium.
  • You have performed a functionality test with the aeroAPP.

Part 2: Testroute

All the public test routes on the aeroDATA have been checked by us and meet the minimum requirements to provide valid test results. If you want to test at a new location you should make sure that there is not too much interference by trees and traffic on your location of choice. In the graphic below you can see some recommendations for test routes and examples of not so good ones.

We recommend to conduct a recce on the test route beforehand. If you are not conducting the aeroTEST with the aeroAPP it is recommended to set markers. In the second graphic you can see once more the test procedure. Your markes should be set at the startpoint and after 1km, as well as your turning points. By doing so you only have to concentrate on your test and don’t have to look at the distance on your GPS device. You can also use the recce to calibrate your Speedsensor. If you use the aeroAPP all this will be done automatically.

In our next Tutorial we will look in more into our aeroTEST and uploading files to the aeroDATA. On our Website (FAQ) and our  #afasteryou series you are able to find more details to and what you can test.