Do you want to know how to get faster? In the first step by following our upcoming blogs.

Over the last few weeks, we have written a lot about the aeroCAST. We would like to introduce you to the use and the advantages of this tool with the next blogs, so you know how to get faster with it.

The aeroCAST is a temporal forecast of your bike split. The algorithm was developed to calculate your expected bike split based on your actual measured CdA value (wind resistance), your planned performance data, the assumption of real weather data and regarding a competition course chosen by you.

The aeroCAST offers very effective ways to help you get better and faster. In the upcoming blogs, we’ll explain these benefits closer to you. A “reverse calculation” is also possible and offers particular advantages. We did the same for some pro athletes of Kona this year.

I’ll show you in the next blogs how all of this goes, how you can draw lessons from it, and what you have to do to use such calculations to become aerodynamically better.

By the way: My name is Dennis, and I’ve been part of the Aerotune team since July. I have been an active and ambitious triathlon for many years. I am currently living with my family in Italy, and here I have developed a great enthusiasm for general road racing. I will guide you through the upcoming blogs.

I will start with a “reverse calculation” of my race at the Challenge Roth, will do a simple aeroTEST to validate these data and show you how I have improved my aerodynamics by an aerofitting. In the end, I will prepare myself for my next race with our aeroCAST.